.the best years of your life.

.or not.

The best years of your life
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1996-2003: the memories. Closed + ta.

'get off my adjusters!', 'that boy', a-levels, art block 2, assembly, b.o.b, badgers: doing.it.old.skool, being 'posh', being a geek, being hypersyco!!11!~1!1, being mean to sally/gemma, being obsessive, being pretentious, bitchery, black sheep, blazers, boffins, brian jones, brine shrimps, bullies, catchphrases, charles, choir practice, choral workshops, chuddy, citrus polos, cricket, crisps, dancing in the loos, dangly bits, daniel vettori, danny boy: spinball wizard, david duchovny estrogen brigade, david hill, dead parrot, decent boys, diaries, diez an der lahn, dirtbirds, dolly parton, dr. t, drawing caricatures, e-drama, elsie, fairies, fake rats, fizzy jerkz, free periods, friend of the earth, gcses, gel pens, get fresh in bed!, goats, going trevving, gowns, grafham!!!, hanson, harrassing teachers, hating boy bands, high achievers club, hippies, ho no, impulse body spray, in-jokes, internet boyfriends1!!!11, jazz, kilts, kula shaker, lambs in orbit, lemmingkind, lenin in a wheelchair, limericks, lip balm, livejournal, log books, lord of the rings, makeup, making up songs, making.up.words.to.classical.music, matching pants, mathe s., miss kirk 'cobain', monsieur jacques, mr armstrong, mustard-coloured trousers, never working in technology, new pencil cases, nicknames, not pe, not sportswear, notebooks, orchestra, phrase of the week, pie, pig latin, remove, resin arse, room 106, scandals, school, scum, sheep, shirt sleeve order, silver.bmw/moonlight/deserted.motorway, sixth form, skeletor, skiving general studies, slag and bitch, speccies, speech day, stampedes, stephen hawking, string quartet, student teachers, studious boys, the 60s, the ball, the broaderay, the brownies, the dench, the dining hall, the fork society, the goldthorp gang, the hamiltons, the lamb/the man, the lemmings, the morning walk, the motherf***in drd, the music block, the music festival, the poison troll, the rat infestation, the rubber game, the tower, the x-files, the.arrival.of.the.queen.of.sheba, tibbles, titanic, townies, trendies, trips to cambridge, trottoirs, unhand that woman!, uniform, unrequited love, walkers max power, we like fruit, writing letters, your mum, zahnerpoo